Prime Day Deals 2019 for Wellness and Pain Relief

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Prime Day Deals 2019 is the equivalent of Black Friday on Amazon and this year it is bigger than ever running 2 full days. I know that Wellness and Pain Relief can be really expensive, so I wanted to share this focus guide to help you snag up some of the best deals on Prime Day.


Prime Day Basics

Prime Day is a special customer appreciation event for Amazon Prime Members (not a member? not a problem, we have some tips below). It started in 2015 and has been held in July for the last 4 years.

Prime Day Deals 2019 starts on  July 15 at 2:59am ET and goes on for 48hours on 

Whole Foods Prime Day Deals already started, so you can take advantage of those today! They also have an additional offer that if you spend $10 or more in store you will get a $10 credit for the 48hours of Prime Day Online. This credit can be applied towards anything (except gift cards). 


Amazon Prime Membership Tips

Amazon’s Prime Deals are ONLY available to Prime Members, but if you don’t have a membership, don’t worry. You can sign up for a Free 30-Day Trial and after the 30 days the membership is $119/year , or you can cancel it before the 30 days are up. More details on the Prime Sign Up page

If you already signed up for a membership in the last 365, you are not eligible for the Free 30-day trial, but you can sign up for a month to month membership for $12.99 and if you want to cancel after 1 month you can do so without any commitments. 

A lesser know membership is if you have an EBT or Medicaid Card you can take advantage of a special offer of $5.99/month membership.

Amazon Prime Day Wellness and Pain Relief Deals

Staying hydrated throughout the aid is essential to improving your wellness and also relieving pain. The body is made up of mostly water and this includes your spinal cord and joints. You can add ginger or berries to your water to get more benefits.

Get a restful and full night sleep with the help of a white noise machine. During sleep is when the body recovers and uninterrupted sleep is key to feeling well.

This extra large heating pad can be very helpful to soothe pain. You can use it several times a day to help improve circulation.

The Workvie Carpal Tunnel Brace in Right or Left with the Workvie Cream. This set keeps the wrist from bending and further hurting the median nerve. The cream has anti-inflammatory properties to help you reduce inflammation.

Maintaining a healthy weight has many health benefits including reducing the stress on joints such as your knees and ankles.


Clean your clothes without irritating your skin. The less chemicals that go into your body, the better.

On Prime Day visit to see all the deals from Workvie.

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