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July 08, 2019 2 min read

How Long Does Lidocaine Last?

If you are reading this blog post, it’s probably because you are in pain and want a solution fast. You’ve probably heard of lidocaine from your doctor, TV, or a friend and are wondering if it’s the same stuff that your dentist uses to numb your mouth. The ingredient is the same, but the form and concentration are different as a topical pain reliever. Lidocaine is administered through either a patch or a cream that you can use over the areas in pain. The maximum concentration for a topical lidocaine pain reliever without a prescription is 4% as regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

How long does Lidocaine last?  

Lidocaine is a temporary analgesic that typically has an effect that can last up to 3 hours. This numbing effect simply takes care of numbing the pain receptors in the area where you are feeling pain. With most instructions saying to apply no more than 4 times a day for 7 days, then how can you deal with pain that is either chronic or longer? 


Workvie Lidocaine Roll on

Workvie Lidocaine Cream has over 7 ingredients to get longer pain relief from Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Back Pain, Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, and more.


The Workvie Lidocaine Roll On also contains ingredients that deal with not just numbing the pain, but also with reducing inflammation. These are: 


Menthol – a natural local anesthetic to enhance the pain relief effects lidocaine in this proprietary formula. 


Arnica Montana – a natural and plant based essential oil that reduces swelling.


Eucalyptus – used for hundreds of years as a natural anti-inflammatory and stress relieving ingredient.


Capsaicin – derived from chili peppers, it contains anti-inflammatory properties and send signals of pain relief through pain receptors.


Devil’s Claw – comes from a flowering plant and contains iridoid glycosides, a class of compounds which has demonstrated anti-inflammatory effects 


Glucosamine – a nutrient used by the body for joint health and typically derived from animals. Workvie uses a plant derived version that is exclusive to our formula.


MSM – great for arthritis for it’s unique properties, this nutrient reduces pain from its first use. It is another ingredient that is typically from animals, but Workvie uses an advanced plant based version. 

 This combination of Lidocaine and Essential Oils will help you to feel better faster and longer. 

 As with every product, please consult a doctor prior to using. This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.

 Workvie is a leading brand of pain relievers full of nutrients and without harmful chemicals.


Workvie Lidocaine Roll on