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About Us


Workvie Family-owned pain relief cream mom and founder

Welcome to Workvie! My name is Annabel and I am an engineer, inventor, and MBA that started Workvie to help my mom that was in pain. We moved to the USA from Nicaragua and my mom worked very hard for years as a waitress and hairdresser. She was in a lot of pain when she retired 5 years ago.  Her options were to take dangerous painkillers or just mask the pain with ineffective creams. I got to work and tested over 50 formulas until we developed the Workvie Pain Relief Therapy Cream that helped my mom to get mobility back in her hands and elbows without harmful chemicals. It worked for her and it can help you too.

We are a family-owned company without investors that puts the customer first. Our products work because we use only high quality ingredients in our formulas and we manufacture in an FDA registered facility for your safety. We comply with the same laws of much larger manufacturers.

Thank you for supporting our small business.

– Annabel (Founder of Workvie)