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January 30, 2024 3 min read

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Volleyball is an exhilarating sport that demands agility, quick movements, and intense physical exertion. However, with the dynamic nature of the game comes the risk of injuries, particularly in the knees. For volleyball players dealing with knee pain, a proactive approach to relief is crucial to ensure optimal performance and long-term well-being. In this blog, we'll explore three effective steps to alleviate knee pain and keep you on the court at your best.

Step 1: Cool Down with Ice Therapy

One of the most immediate and effective ways to relieve knee pain is by incorporating ice therapy into your routine. Applying ice between games and immediately after getting home helps reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles. Icing is essential for managing the wear and tear that intense volleyball games can inflict on your knees. Make sure to use a cloth or towel to protect your skin or you can buy Ice Wraps that have a cover and limit each session to 15-20 minutes for optimal results.

Step 2: On-the-Court Relief with Workvie Lidocaine Roll On

The Workvie Lidocaine Roll On is a game-changer for volleyball players seeking quick, on-the-go relief. Whether you're on the court or at home after a shower, the roll-on application makes it easy to target specific areas of pain. What's more, its fast-acting formula provides immediate relief without the unpleasant smell commonly associated with similar products. Simply apply the roll-on to your knees, and feel the soothing effects, allowing you to focus on the game without the distraction of persistent knee discomfort.

Workvie Lidocaine Roll On Bottle at a Volleyball Game

Step 3: Get Your Knees Ready for Recovery Before Bed with Aromalief x Workvie Lavender Cream

As the day winds down, it's crucial to prioritize recovery to ensure your body is ready for the next game. The Aromalief x Workvie Lavender Cream is a perfect solution to massage your knees, thighs, calves, and IT band before going to bed. This cream not only provides physical relief but also offers the calming benefits of aromatherapy. Its lavender scent creates a serene atmosphere, reminiscent of your favorite Bath and Body Works creams, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep. Additionally, the cream won't stain your sheets, allowing you to indulge in a restful slumber without any worries.

Aromalief Lavender Pain Relief Cream dispensed on hands before bedtime

Bonus Tip: Combine the Power of Lidocaine Roll On and Lavender Cream

For an ultimate knee pain relief experience, consider using the Workvie Lidocaine Roll On and Aromalief x Workvie Lavender Cream as a set. The roll-on targets acute pain during and after games, while the lavender cream delivers a soothing, relaxing experience before bedtime. This combination not only addresses immediate discomfort but also supports your overall knee health, ensuring you can continue to excel on the volleyball court without compromise.


Taking care of your knees is essential for any volleyball player looking to sustain peak performance and longevity in the game. By incorporating these three steps – ice therapy, the Workvie Lidocaine Roll On, and the Aromalief x Workvie Lavender Cream – into your routine, you can effectively manage knee pain and keep enjoying the sport you love. Remember, a proactive approach to recovery is key, and these products offer a convenient and pleasant way to support your knees throughout your volleyball journey.

Important: This article is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please consult with your doctor.

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Workvie is a woman-owned small business with a mission to helping hardworking people in pain with clean and safe formulas without an embarrassing smell. Hi, I'm Annabel, founder of Workvie, and my daughter is a U13 Volleyball Player. When her doctor recommended a big brand-name pain reliever with ammonia, I was glad that we had Workvie to help with her knee pain.