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November 04, 2017 4 min read

How to Reduce Holiday Work Stress


There’s an energy in the air during the holiday season that feels like excitement and happiness mixed in with a sense of hurried anticipation, like we feel we must squeeze in as many activities and responsibilities as possible within a span of 6 weeks. Maybe this change of pace has something to do with the fact that the year is coming to an end and that incites a mental mayhem of sorts in many of us.


The reality is that we do take on more responsibilities and commitments during the holidays while normal life still goes on: Work, family, household commitments, among other duties. This combination equals late nights, less sleep, being constantly on the go, and of course, greater stress. Now more than any time throughout the year, it’s important to take time for self-care, relaxation, and reflection. The year will be over before we know it, so let’s take the time to truly absorb the moments and the special energy characteristic of this time of year. Below are a few tips that will help you turn this blink and it’s over, fast paced season into a time of truly relishing and being fully present.


1) Saying ‘No’

I know it’s the holidays, the time of all things merry and bright, but keep in mind that you are not the Grinch if you must pass and say no to certain events, activities, and additional responsibilities. Saying ‘no’ in order to reduce stress is a critical part of practicing assertiveness and self-care: We can’t put others’ needs before our own, especially to the point that we become overwhelmed, overworked, and ultimately…frustrated. So remember that it’s ok to say no. To reduce holiday work stress try to also focus on those projects that are most important to deliver during the holidays and say no for now to those that can be done in January.


2) Simplifying Activities

There’s something about the holidays that makes many of us feel like we can be in four places at once (e.g., making a holiday meal at home, visiting relatives, finishing a work deadline, and preparing the house for guests). During the holidays, try simplifying your schedule, even more so than throughout the rest of the year. Block out larger chunks of time for doing work and if you are easily distracted try to put on headphones at work. Delegate tasks to others whenever possible and plan activities with one main idea in mind: To have the energy and mental presence to make sure that you spend time with loved ones and you are able to truly enjoy and be fully present during these special days. If we expend all of our energy preparing for events and activities to the point that we are too exhausted to truly enjoy and be apart of them, then we run the risk of watching the holidays pass us by.


3) Lay Back & Relax

Lay back and relax is not exactly synonymous with the holiday season, but we must change this stereotype if we want to truly reduce our stress level this time of year. I’m not implying that we should be in full-on relaxation mode because we do want to be active and participate in holiday parties, gatherings, travel, and other seasonal events. However, moderation is key when it comes to balancing relaxation and activity. To reduce holiday work stress think of this recovery period like how athletes do. They need to take a break in order for their body and mind to be in top form. Keep yourself from thinking that you are being lazy because that can’t be further from the truth. Every hard working person deserves to rest.


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