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December 12, 2018 4 min read

The 10 Best Products for Back Pain Relief

My back has been hurting on and off for the past 18 years, when at the age of 20 I fell down a flight of stairs on my way to doing the laundry when I slipped on black ice. At the time, I was young and I think all I did was to ice it. However, I have never been the same and have had to learn with how to deal with my back to prevent injury and manage the pain when something goes wrong.

Here are the 10 best products for back pain relief that are my go-to when it comes to back pain relief and I hope that you find them useful too.

  • It is super helpful to have a good chair that supports you. I work on the computer all the time and sitting for too long is a real issue for me. I must have tried every chair at Office Depot and settled on this one.
  • My Apple Watch is great to remind me that I need to stand up. Without it, I would work endless hours without moving or standing. This is the way that I ended up hurting my back about 6 months ago and it was really debilitating as the owner of a small business.
  • Hydration plays a huge role in the well being of your body and even though I have many water cups, my absolute favorite is the Bubba Cup that holds a lot of water so that I can stay properly hydrated all day long.
  • This Gaiam heated pad is filled with rice that can be microwaved or placed in the freezer. On days where I overexert myself or when I just want to treat myself with its warmth, I simply place it on a clean plate for 1 minute and place it on my lower back. You can also use it on your neck and other areas that may ache.
  • I hate to take pills and the first spine specialist that I went to recommended 5 weeks’ worth of pills that would upset my stomach. I went to another specialist that was more in line with what I wanted as a patient. When I originally created the Workvie Pain Relief Creams they were for my mom that had suffered from carpal tunnel. I started using the Workvie Vegan Lidocaine Roll On and that is all I use to manage my pain. I apply the cream once after taking a shower and then again before going to sleep.
  • Workvie Vegan Lidocaine Roll On

  • The app Joint Strong has been amazing to helping my back pain. It was designed by doctors in Tallahassee, Florida. The app helps you to identify your specific musculoskeletal pain and shows you the best stretch/exercise to help with the pain. For my herniated lower back, I do the cobra pose.
  • I love my high-rise high compression leggings from Old Navy. I try to walk as much as possible to help with my lower back pain and having these high compression leggings really helps me to keep by spine in place. I especially like the ones with pockets.
  • The Headspace app is something that I use on a daily basis. When you suffer from chronic pain, there are periods that are really dark and having your mind in the right place is critical. Stress and depression just lead to more pain. I do 10 minutes of meditation in the morning to get my body to relax and breath better. There is also a meditation for falling asleep that comes in very handy.
  • My trusted mat is where I do all my stretches. It is cushioned and thicker than a yoga mat, so it feels better on my back. I lay down and pull my knees to my chest, then I lay on my stomach and arch back. This pose is called cobra in yoga and its great for my herniated discs.
  • My shapewear belt provides additional support especially on days where I over exert myself, like when I go to conferences. Plus, it has the added benefit of shaping your tummy while it provides back support. I pull my down as low as I can because my issue is my lower back.


I really hope that these products can help you as much as they have helped me. Living with pain is not easy, but we are blessed with so much around us that can bring some comfort.

Workvie Back Pain Relief Lidocaine Roll On

Workvie Lidocaine Roll on

Annabel Mendez is a corporate wellness specialist and founder of Workvie Work Pain Relief Creams. She is dedicated to helping hardworking professionals that work in pain. She is a mom, entrepreneur, and chronic pain warrior.


This blog is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. Please consult a licensed physician for any medically related issues.


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