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February 27, 2018 3 min read

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Worker’s Compensation

Do you sometimes feel like working with carpal tunnel pain is simply unbearable? Like you just want to go home? This is the reality for many people that work with their hands such as data entry specialists, programmers, graphic designers, hair dressers, assembly line workers, and many other working professionals.

What should you do as an employee that is suffering from carpal tunnel pain? We spoke with US Worker’s Compensation Attorney Barry Stein from DeCardenas, Freixas, Stein & Zachary to ask him some of these questions.

Can an employee be sent home without pay if they are in pain?

Yes, the supervisor or manager may ask the employee to go home without pay if they notice the employee is in pain or not performing their duties due to pain.

What can the employee ask of their employer?

The employee should ask for medical care and have a medical professional asses their specific situation. Only a medical professional can diagnose something like carpal tunnel syndrome.

What if the employer refuses to provide medical care?

First if care is not provided when asked for, please consult an attorney

Second, please seek care on your own asap and give all relevant facts including work relationship to current symptoms

Can a worker’s compensation claim be filed without a doctor?

Actually yes a claim can be filed without a doctor, however, eventually a doctor is going to be needed to support the work relationship of the condition. The employer is responsible for providing an evaluation to rule the problems in or out as far as work related. If they don’t provide that a doctor to do that a Petition for that benefit should be filed.

It is best to get that doctor’s opinion prior to pursuing a Petition for benefits

What advice do you have for someone working with carpal tunnel pain?

I have handled many worker’s compensation cases involving carpal tunnel syndrome. I have learned from the medical providers that is is very important to first fix the conditions that you may be working under. This may alleviate or remedy the problems. Look for ergonomic ways of doing it.

If you are in pain, ask for medical care  from your employer and/or seek your own. It is very important to document your pain and have a medical record of it. If you have asked for care and it has been denied, then you should seek legal advice on what to do next.

If you have sought care on your own and have  a medical diagnosis relating the problem to work,  reach out a knowledgeable attorney that specializes in Worker’s Compensation to review specific situation.


We would like to thank Attorney Barry Stein for answering our questions and should you need legal advice please contact his office at 305-377-1505.


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